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Unfortunately, some people need strong and clear rules to behave. When you create an account, you agree with these terms and conditions.


By registering on and creating an account and profile,you get access to the forums and albums. Single sign on for all partsof will be implemented in the future. Registration automatically implies agreement on these terms.

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On the forums, you are allowed to edit your posts, unless that right has been taken away by the staff. You can delete your latest post, if no-one replied to it. In special cases, an exception can be made, contact the staff if your case needs an exception.

All images added to the albums stay on our server. Even if you delete an image from your album, the file is still on the hard drive. This is to prevent discontinuity in forum topics, we try to avoid as few missing images as possible.

Posted content is subject to Dutch and Belgian legislation. Furthermore, people of all ages visit Pornographic, racist, blasphemous or offensive content is not allowed. When in doubt, contact the staff.

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Terms violations

Violation of these terms will be looked at case-per-case by the staff. The staff decides on sending Official Warnings, temporary or permanent bans. Bans apply per component of, but can be extended to the entire website. Decisions made by the staff are final and need no further discussion. The staff will always treat you respectfully, unless you give them reason not too. Remember, the staff are people too!

Mistakes occur. If you feel like an error is in place, don't hesitate to contact the admins. The e-mail address is in the footer of this page.