Realisme in een model Zeer korte tekst
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Auteur:  Bert Takken [ do 07 jun, 2018 6:58 am ]
Berichttitel:  Realisme in een model Zeer korte tekst

Ik kwam tijdens een zoektocht een tekst tegen van Mig Jimenez die mij toch wel erg aansprak, eigenlijk de essentie van onze hobby raakt.
Maar vooral de komische ironie deed mij bulderen van het lachen, tot volledige ontzetting van mijn collega die even tegenover mij zat en dat waarschijnlijk nooit meer doet.
Het gaat over het gebruik van kleurmodulatie op een model, maar ik denk dat je dit op elke techniek kan toepassen

Ik plaats het in het engels, als er mensen zijn die het toch in het nederlands willen lezen dan zal ik een poging wagen tot een vertaling

But, what is the Color Modulation? It is Real?

Well, since Adam and me developed that technique some years ago, I have read millions of comments about it, in forums, webs, magazines. Seems that now everybody know everything about this style. Some people say that this is just art, other say that it is sh*t and unrealistic, other say that is fantasy.... of course there are many smart comments talking about the light concept, about 3D computer games and many other stuff. To me, all of these fights, comments and discursions are not interesting for me because is hard to explain to the whole world what is the modulations or why it was developed. And, anyway, I doens't take care what is the modulations for each one of you. the ONLY important thing is that people who have used the modulation with good results, feelt happy with what they made, and that's all. But also I feel happy when I see other modellers using another techniques and styles. Each person must choose his "tools" to paint his models. Some people can use dry brush, anothers preshading, another ones just acrylics, and another just modulation. The important point is that we must enjoy our models and our hobby. There are too much fights and wars in the world, and we don't want more garbage in our garden. We want arrive to our home, get confortable, open a drink and sit down in front our workbench to enjoy our hobby!. So...I don't take care how others think the modelling must be. Today I will paint my model with modulation, and after tomorrow, I will paint another model with classic techniques. the Color Modulation realistic?...

of course....NO! It is just an interpretation of the real thing and we use the light , shadows and contrast like a way of expresion. In fact, the WHOLE MODELLING is FAKE, not real. is just plastic! And the mud that we add in our FAKE TOO, is just paint with plaster.

I have fun when I see a modeller that say: " My model is very realistic because I painted it with the real color from the factory!!!

Oh my God, what stupid thing! he use the real color of the tank over an amount of plastic parts...PLASTIC!!!! So...where is the reality? the reality is just in the real things, and the rest is just reproductions, copies, or replics of the real one. In defintily...just interpretations made with other materials.

But the same stupid thing is when I see that the same modeller feel proud of his very realistic chips....which was just PAINTED!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! So, if that modeller want realism, why not he build the model in steel and them paint the tank with the real color, and then he just go around the stree with his tank, crossing roads, water, mud and crossing some bonsay forest? he will get realistc mud, and scratches, right?

Dear reader....if you are reading this, forget about reality and just have fun with your hobby. because, even if we try to search the reality, we always will find a noob judge who will tell us that that color is wrong!

Finally, I would like to add that for me , the modelling is like a Hollywood movie: I like to enjoy it, I want to have fun and I want dream during 90 or 120 minuts. This make me happy. But if a model doens't make me happy, even if it is super realistic, then, that model have not value to me. Is just BORING!


Mig Jimenez

Auteur:  no leaf clover [ ma 11 jun, 2018 9:14 am ]
Berichttitel:  Re: Realisme in een model Zeer korte tekst

Leuk stuk, met interesse gelezen en ik ben het geheel eens met wat hij schrijft. :)

Auteur:  tsjopper bob [ ma 11 jun, 2018 22:42 pm ]
Berichttitel:  Re: Realisme in een model Zeer korte tekst



Auteur:  Mac Reel [ di 12 jun, 2018 21:59 pm ]
Berichttitel:  Re: Realisme in een model Zeer korte tekst

Bert Takken schreef:
The important point is that we must enjoy our models and our hobby.

Dat is het belangrijkste :brouw: :brouw: IK heb gezegd :brouw:

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